Happy Anniversary

I just realized that today is my One Year Anniversary of home ownership – the joys and the sorrows!

And you know how I spent it? By augering out my toilet, whee! But it works now, so that’s another cause for celebration.

Last night I was lying in bed, all cosy with the cats because it was drizzling outside but so warm under the dyvet, reading The New Yorker and sipping a cup of sake. Ten minutes later I’m with my neighbour and her partner behind Usine C (a theatre), with a cat carrier, blanket, and bag of carrots, trying to catch a white bunny with black spots.

The boyfriend keeps muttering that there is no way in hell we are going to catch the rabbit. We have the critter cornered in the garden of Usine C. I have my coat off and am trying to channel Oliver Kahn, German soccer goaltender. The bunny shall not pass, I vow. As I become soaked to the skin, the bunny lunges for me and I hear “Aaaa!” in stereo from my friends as the bunny does a spectacular leap over the coat and high-tails it down the street.

Ten minutes later I’m peeling off my soaking clothes, getting back into bed, and the cats are looking at me like I have no sense atall.


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